Flexi Proof Water based Deck Adhesive is a high-performance, water based contact adhesive for bonding Flexi Proof®
EPDM membranes to plywood, OSB, concrete and tissue-faced insulation. Deck adhesive is used to bond main roof exposures of smaller flat roof contructions, it’s recommended for use in conjunction with Flexi Proof Contact Bonding Adhesive which bonds roof perimeters and critical areas. Flexi Proof Water based Deck Adhesive is 100% solvent and VOC free, and contains no fillers.

2.5L covers approx 7 to 10m2
5L covers approx 18 to 20m2
15L covers approx 50 to 60m2

The Adhesive has a long  tack off  time allowing for misaligned membranes to be adjusted , A Superior quality water based deck adhesive packaged in tough metal tins . 

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